Blade Sangokushi Vol. 1 Ch. 1a

Posted in Uncategorized on February 18, 2010 by hiiroshi

So, I’m back, having dealt with other things that have gotten in my way. I’m currently working on the next (after Kangxi) chapter of City Hunter, so bear with me. I know, it’s slow. I’m not very good with huge chapters; I prefer them in the typical 20-40 range. Anyways, I’ve just started on Blade Sangokushi (went to Kinokuniya and saw it, used a friend’s iphone to check its translation/license status then bought them all). It’s pretty silly, but I personally enjoy reading it.

Blade Sangokushi Vol. 1 Chapter 1a

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Hello! and City Hunter Volume 9, Chapter 33

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Hi! I’m Hiroshi, and I’ve started this new project just out of a desire to do City Hunter. I’ve had a year’s experience of Translating/Editing, so hopefully it won’t come out looking like crap (looking back on my first full solo works, they were painful to read…) So… this was all supposed to be done by Thanksgivings Day, but I got caught up in other projects, so it was delayed for a while, but it’s done now! I work mainly by myself, so don’t expect to see me actively recruiting for any members or anything. I’ll just be using hosting sites to make life easier for you leechers (since I don’t have any money to host files myself)!

Anyways, on to the release:

City Hunter Volume 9, Chapter 33